About Amanda

About Amanda

An eclectic background created this passionate storyteller

Amanda Westbrooke has long been inspired by the gifts of storytelling. Her Virginia childhood, filled with lessons, colloquialisms, and the tender stories of tradition exalted by her three Southern Aunts Ramona, Faye, and not least of all Winkie, has landed her smack dab in the middle of telling stories for purpose and progress throughout her entire life.

For the past decade, Ms. Westbrooke has served as host of Tacoma’s City Line Television’s weekly economic and cultural affairs program. As a natural educator, here, Ms. Westbrooke wafts and weaves local tradition with urban progress. With vast experience in human resources as a Former Executive Director of Open Space for Arts & Community, as Director of Education & Outreach for Tacoma’s Little Theatre, and as Strategic Project Manager for Metro Parks, Ms. Westbrooke’s virtues were not lost on those who have either worked with her or were led by her.

Ms. Westbrooke, herself, committed to peace, justice, fairness, and progress of all types, was best shown this by her Southern Grandmother, Mary Laila Jones, who created a cooperative garden of mixed-race community members in 1966, for ALL people. “You don’t have anything until you give it away” was her mantra.

As a mother to grown daughter Olivia, Ms. Westbrooke would be the first to admit, the lessons of life have only just begun to tell their story.

Her love of gardening, food, films, fashion, opera, and classical music reflects Ms. Westbrooke’s style, grace, and elegance that comes naturally to her role.

“She is a force of nature- anything Amanda touches turns to gold. She lights up every room she enters, and helps make all of us better people.”

“Amanda, thank you for your heart for this community and your graciousness for all of our imperfection.”
“People feel very comfortable around Amanda which allows them to speak freely about topics that matter to them.”

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